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How to Finance an Apartment Building in Fort Worth | Real Estate Investing Tips

Many people know we manage single family homes, but they don’t realize we provide Fort Worth property management for small apartment complexes as well. When it comes to financing those apartment complexes, we turn to Cary Donham of Capital Concepts. He is our trusted mortgage professional. So, today we are asking him how an investor can finance an apartment complex. (more…)

How to Finance a Rental Property – Real Estate Investing for Beginners in Fort Worth, TX

One of the things our clients commonly ask is: how do I get started in real estate investing? Obviously, you will want to contact a great company that provides property management in Fort Worth. But before you even get the property, you’ll need to know how to finance it. We have visited with mortgage lenders all over the area, and the best we have found so far is with us today; Cary Donham from Capital Concepts. We’ve been working together since 2008, and he is going to help us understand how to finance a rental property. (more…)

Real Estate Investing Tips: Cash Out Refinance for a Rental Property in Fort Worth

One of the things we see in the Dallas Fort Worth market right now is that pricing on homes has gone up significantly. Values are much higher than they were five years ago. A lot of our clients have a rental property, which they’ve owned for a few years, and the worth has gone up. So, they want to take advantage of purchasing more property, but they don’t want to give up what they’ve already got. What are the options? We’re posing that question to Cary Donham with Capital Concepts. He has some real estate investing tips. (more…)

What is Portfolio Lending? Tips for Fort Worth Rental Real Estate Investing

Rental real estate investing often requires nontraditional loans, and today I’m talking to Cary Donham from Capital Concepts. Cary is my most trusted advisor when it comes to mortgages. So, here’s the conundrum: I’ve got 10 houses. What do I do when I want to buy my 11th house? If I go to a bank, they’re going to tell me no. And I don’t want to sell one house to buy another. As we all know, you win faster with more properties. So, what I should do when I want that 11th house? (more…)

How Do Hard Money Loans Work? Fort Worth Rental Property Financing Advice

Often, people will find a property that’s a great deal, but because so much work is needed on the home, it’s hard to pull the deal together financially. If rental property financing is an issue, there may be a way to overcome the problem. Today, we’re talking to Cary Donham with Capital Concepts. They provide rehab loans for distressed properties through hard money lending. (more…)

Where to Buy Rental Property? Fort Worth Property Management Advice

A lot of the clients we work with are from out of town and they don’t know where to buy rental property in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas. There’s no right or wrong answer about the best places to buy – it depends on the investment plans. There are two options to consider. You’re going to buy based on appreciation or based on cash flow. Either way, never buy in a neighborhood that doesn’t feel safe. If you wouldn’t drive there at night, it’s not a good place to invest. (more…)

What is the Best Flooring for Your Rental Property? Fort Worth Property Management Tips

One of the common questions we get is about flooring for rental property. Landlords and property owners are replacing floors all the time in their rental properties, and they want to know how they can prevent this. It gets expensive when you have to put down new floors between every tenant. So, we’ve asked our expert partners at Integrity Floors if there’s a solution to this problem. They work with us a lot on flooring replacements, and they help us to keep costs down and materials at a minimum. That really makes a difference for our rental property owners. (more…)

Quick and Easy Counter Upgrades for Your Fort Worth Rental Property

At McCaw Property Management, we manage properties all over the Dallas and Fort Worth areas. One of the things we are always coming up on is needing to make rental property upgrades. Either tenants are rough on the properties or the property is just old and dated. So we are talking about what you can do to improve your property without incurring a big expense. One of the ways to increase income from home repairs is to upgrade countertops. (more…)

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